Madal Bal Maple syrup & Green Powder

Madal Bal guarantees 100% natural Maple syrup of the mineral-rich C grade, carefully processed without using chemical additives. The C Maple syrup from Madal Bal has a full, delicate taste.

Madal Bal C Maple syrup is often used in popular Lemon Cleansing Diet.

The Lemon Diet has been known for years as a fantastic means to cleanse one’s body. Cleansing is the secret of a healthy life. The body gets rid of harmful substances that have accumulated in (fatty) tissues, organs and intestines.

Ingredients: Maple syrup
Net content: 1000 ml or 500 ml
Pasteurized: Without additives and preservatives
Produced in Canada for Madal Bal

Green Powder is a mixture of senna, fennel and anise. Senna is a sharp laxative. The fennel and anise have a soothing effect on the digestive system and prevent possible intestinal cramps.

The Green Powder is often used in Lemon Cleansing Diet.

Maple syrup 1000g

Maple syrup 500g

Green Powder 90g