Organic / Non-Organic: The Book

The Invisible Power within Foods, a Comparison of Organic & Non-Organic

At Madal Bal Healthy Snacking we believe in the importance of treating Mother Earth with love and respect and the power of consciousness that is manifested in the foods we eat through the way we grow them. Therefore we believe in the importance of organic farming and producing foods that are free from any unnecessary and unhealthy additives. This beautiful book illustrates in a scientific way how the way we grow our foods creates beauty and harmony… or not…

From the back cover

This book is about the hidden power in foods. It encourages you to use your freedom of choice when shopping for food. The information presented in this book is nothing less than a quantum leap in the ability to recognize food quality: quality becomes visible, not just to the experts, but to everybody! For many years the founder and leader of a small Swiss food company has investigated over 50 foods, both organic and nonorganic, in his own specially designed laboratory. He has published the results of his research in this wonderful coffee table book. He says, “I have discovered that organic foods possess an amazingly beautiful life-energy or order force (life design principle), whereas the life-energy of nonorganic foods is generally weakened, disrupted or destroyed. Since I find this important I wanted to share it with you, so that you can make informed decisions.”

“Organic is when the wine remembers the vineyard.”