Introducing Madal Bal

Madal Bal specializes in sourcing, screening and certifying healthy food propositions.

Since 1985 the company has introduced several international hits to the Benelux and European markets, like Celestial Seasonings Tea, Dilmah Tea and Taste of Nature fruit and nut bars. We use our knowledge of food, combined with forward-thinking marketing programs and sales activation.

We combine a spiritual view on the world we live in, with extensive knowledge on food. With our business experience in launching brands to the EU market, we have been a consistent and reliable partner to our customers since 1985.

  • We aim to share our knowledge of food and contribute to a healthier and happier way of living.
  • We have our own health center and organic supermarket in The Hague where we conduct yoga classes, meditation and workshops about food.
  • We share both knowledge and products in order to make healthy foods available and understandable to a wider audience.
  • Every day we keep up with developments in the food industry and guarantee our customers the highest certification possible on our products.
  • We keep expanding our range of products and source for new developments.