Our Store & Health Centre

Happy, healthy, tasty since 1988

In the world of health food MADAL BAL is a household name in The Hague. MADAL BAL means ‘inner strength’. When owner William Gerretsen opened the store in 1988 we were still pioneers with our focus on organic food. As an independent player amidst fast growing organic chain stores we’ve always been able to stand our ground, due to our customer care, knowledge and expertise. By moving to a new, monumental store on the other side of the street (Denneweg 126B) we have taken the next step.

Because pioneering is in our blood we have developed a fresh, new and inspiring store concept, which serves all the needs of the health-conscious customer. We are introducing a shop-in-shop formula, including a juice and smoothie bar, organic bread baked off in the oven, healthy to-go products, an extensive cheese section, delicious meals and our own health centre.

MADAL BAL combines a modern, contemporary concept with the customer friendliness and service of an old-fashioned local grocery shop.

More than just a supermarket

Through our new store concept MADAL BAL has become a hub for everything and everyone related to health. We have designated the space above the shop as health centre, where ample attention is given to the inner aspects of health. There will be regular workshops by orthomoleculary doctors, therapists and raw food specialists, and we have also made room for yoga and meditation for inner peace and tranquility. With years of experience in this area our workers are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. We invite you to step into the future filled with positive energy!

Enthusiasm, service and know-how

MADAL BAL follows the sign of the times, yet we still believe in old fashioned customer friendliness. With us you won’t find indifferent personnel, but service with a smile. Our workers are enthusiastic about health food and well versed in the latest developments. We are eager to use our knowledge to your best advantage, and we will not be satisfied until you are!